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Amaranth (Amaranthus ) is kind of herb which again sub divided into about 60 sub spicies. People around the world value Amaranth as Leaf vegetable and as a Cereal.Because of its Gluten free Palatability, Easy to cook,and its protein particularly well suited to human nutritional needs, interest in Amaranth grain is gaining more and more importance in Norh America.
The Amaranth grain (Seed) contains no Gluten and is safe for consumption by individuals suffering from Coeliac disease. The seeds of Amaranth species contain about thirty percent more protein than other cereals like rice and Sorgum. The root&leaves of mature amaranth is an excellent vegetable. It is white and cooked with tomatoes or tamarind gravy. It has a milky taste and is alkaline. Regular intake of Amaranth is known to control blood pressure and Cholesterol. Amaranth is grown in mexico, Peru, gutemala,India, China,Nepal and other tropical countries.