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South Indian Culinary

The development of Indian Cuisine can be traced back to several thousands of years. Eventually, influenced by demographic locations,many regional variants came into being. Indian cuisine is characterized by the extensive use of royal spices like Clove,Cardamom,Saffron,Nutmeg, bay leaves and a host of other spices.
However, It can be broadly classified into two separate cooking styles. North Indian style and south Indian style.

South Indian: Because of the availability of certain region specific ingredients (Notably Coconut and Tamarind) and combined with the living environment and social life style of the southerners, a unique cuisine evolved over a period of centuries. It is characterized by by the extensive use of Coconut milk,Tamarind, Fenugreek, Curry leaves etc.

We offer a wide variety of “ready to mix” typical south Indian concentrates like Pulli kaichal(Tamarind pure), Karakolambu(Spicy mixture of red chillies/tamarind and other spices), Tomoto Rice Mix , Gangura Rice Mix, Karivepilai Mix, Kothamalli Thokku , Kadmba Thokku, Pepper Kuzhambu, Brinjal Thokku, Instant rasam,(Similar to pepper soup), Mor Kuzhambu Mix, Ginger Thokku, Paruupupodi ( mixture of roasted and ground pulses and spices), pickles, Appalams, Sambar powder, Rasm powder etc.

All our products are prepared under hygienic conditions and following authentic, age old recipes prepared by master chefs. They are well known for their original taste and flavor. The packing is carried out in approved food grade PET bottles/Glass jars.
Although we offer standard size packing, special packing requirements by individual customers can be carried out depending upon their order volume.