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Oleoresins are the concentrated liquid from the spices/flowers/roots/nuts/bark derived generally through solvent extraction(In certain cases Co2 extraction) and contain the holistic character of the respective spice (Including flavor and color). Spice oleoresins are are used in various industries like food processing,Meat industry,Pharmaceutical industry, Baking industry etc
Oleoresins contains the resinous part of the spice/flowers/ root/nuts/bark and its Essential oils and hence have higher viscosity than essential oils.

Common Name Botanical Name Suggested therapeutic properties of the Oleoresins
Black Pepper Oleoresin Antioxidant
Cardamom Oleoresin Elettaria Used in the treatment of digestive disorders.
Capsicum[Chilly] Oleoresin Capsicum Useful spicing agent
Clove Oleoresin Syzygium aromaticum Anti-oxidant /used as pain killer during tooth ache.
Coriander Oleoresin Coriandrum sativum Antioxidant
Cumin Oleoresin Cuminum cyminum Useful spicing agent
Fennel Oleoresin Foeniculum vulgare Carminative
Fenugreek Oleoresin Trigonella foenum-graecum Useful in increasing milk supply in nursing mothers
Garlic Oleoresin Allium sativum To control hypertension
Ginger Oleoresin Zingiber officinale Controls nausea/treatment of sore throat.
Nutmeg Oleoresin Myristica fragrans Used for its Aroma
Onion Oleoresin Allium cepa Used in the treatment of sore throat.
Paprika Oleoresin Capsicum annuum Rich in vitamin c
Turmeric Oleoresin Curcuma longa Anti-bacterial
Mustard Oleoresin Curcuma longa Useful spicing agent
Tamarind Oleoresin Tamarindus indica Useful in treating gastric and/or digestion problems
White Pepper Oleoresin Piper nigrum Antioxidant
Amla Oleoresin Phyllanthus emblica Antioxidant
Cinnamon Oleoresin Cinnamomum verum Antiviral
Green Chilli Oleoresin Capsicum Useful spicing agent
Fenugreek Oleoresin Trigonella foenum-graecum) Said to increase Libido in males
Curry leaf Oleoresin Murraya koenigii Anti inflammatory

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