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Finished Leather

We are one of the leading suppliers of finished leathers to our customers in Canada,Hong kong and Europe. We have a contract tannery situated in Ranipet (100 km away from Chennai). We process and supply the following types of Finished leathers.

Cow Calf

Aniline glazed, Buttero Nappa, milled nappa, Crunchy nappa ,Burnish finish etc.

Bovine Hides

Softy, two tone semi-anilines, milled softy ,crunch, oil nubucks, oil pull-ups Crazy horse, distress waxy nappa,smooth finish,Upholstery leathers for sofas/Car seat etc

Buffalo Calf

Aniline Glazed, Anilie burnished, Crunch finish, two tone natural finish, Nappa etc.


Glazed kids, Polished kids, Perlized(Perlato) kids, waxy goat nappa, Metalic kids burnish kids, Goat linings etc.


Cabretta for shoes, Sheep nappa for garments ,Sheep crunch for leather goods, sheep linings etc.