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Essential oils

Essential oils are generally the active ingredient of the respective spice/flower/ root/fruit/nut. They are extracted by using traditional steam distillation process. In certain cases where higher purity is required,new Super critical extraction process using Co2 under high pressure is being employed.

Common Name Botanical Name Suggested therapeutic properties in the Essential oils
Cinnamon leaf oil Cinnamomum verum Antiviral
Clove leaf oil Syzygium aromaticum Anti-oxidant /used as pain killer during tooth ache.
Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus Antiseptic /deodorizing
Ginger Oil Zingiber officinale Controls nausea/treatment of sore throat.
Jasmine oil Jasminum officianelle Used as fragrance
Lemon Grass Oil Cymbopogon flexuosus Used in cases of nasal congestion.
Black pepper oil Piper nigrum Antioxidant
Cardamom oil Elettaria Used in the treatment of digestive disorders.
Nutmeg oil Myristica fragrans Used for its Aroma
Mace oil Myristica fragrans Used only for its Aroma
Sandal oil Santalum album Used in Aromatherapy /antimicrobial.
Patchouli Oil Pogostemon cablin Used in Aromatherapy
Rose oil Rosa roxburghii / Rosa Bracteatae Used in treatment of Stomach disorders
Peppermint Oil Mentha piperita Used in Chinese medicine
Lemon Oil Citrus limon Antibacterial
Orange Sweet Oil Citrus sinensis Aromatherapy
Garlic oil Allium sativum To control hypertension
Bay leaf oil Laurus nobilis Astringent/Anti bacterial
Coriander seed oil Coriandrum sativum Antioxidant
Cinnamon bark oil Cinnamomum Verum Antiviral
Curry leaf oil Murraya koenigii Anti inflammatory
Galangal oil Alpinia galanga Valued for its flavor
Vetiver oil Chrysopogon zizanioides Aromatherapy
Turmeric oil Curcuma longa anti-bacterial

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